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Finding Your Best Melbourne Barber is Made Easy 

With great haircut comes great personality. The Man Cave Barber is more than just a place to get your groom on. Between the warm shaving cream, the recliner chair, the enticing aromatics, the genuine camaraderie and, of course, the killer haircut. Throw in the occasional complimentary tea and now you’re really talking. Don’t just Googlebarbershop near me” or “barbers around me”–find the Best Barber Shop Melbourne that does your personal style right.

Best Barber Shop Melbourne

Why The Man Cave Barber is The Best Barber Shop Melbourne?

  1. We support the type of beauty professionals who provide outstanding service, understand the importance of looking great, share knowledge and The MAN CAVE BARBER treats each guest as one of our own and help each other in every way possible.
  2. Sometimes, guys want a place where they can get old-fashioned service at an affordable barber. They also enjoy the fact that they can indulge in sports chat while bantering back and forth about who will end up going to the finals. Then, there are times when men just like to be left alone enjoy the ambiance of a local men haircut shop. At The Man Cave Barber, we think you will enjoy the atmosphere and the great haircut. Our prices are reasonable and the service is genuine. Experience an old-fashioned shave and get lathered-up. You tell us the cut you want, and we can deliver it. It is just that simple!  Stop in today, or make an appointment. We promise you will not have to wait long. We can tell you everything there is to know about the benefits of getting your hair cut by a master barber.
  3. On our Melbourne East communities, we strive to support local charities and provide training for young barbers. We feel that the best way to grow is with our community.

The Favorite Barber Shop in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

With a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, the Best Barber Shop Melbourne focuses on the highest level of quality service to their clients. Breaking away from the typical barbershop—our barbers have a number of years of experience and provide great attention to detail with every haircut and hot towel shave. The Barbershop focuses mostly on men haircuts.

The Man Cave Barber is where the past meets the future. Providing an “old school feel” barbershop with modern haircuts, straight blade shaves, & even facials to make sure you’re looking your best.

An added bonus is that we give amazing shaves. Our customers tell us there is nothing like getting “lathered up” and enjoy a smooth, clean shave. Doing it yourself is simply not the same. You will have to experience it to know what we mean. Ask us about our student haircuts when you drop by.

Our goal and mission are to give you the best haircut each and every time you visit.

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