The Best Haircuts & Cheap Barber Camberwell at The Man Cave Barber

At our Hairdressing Salon in Camberwell we like to get to know all our customers’ needs, personality, and lifestyle.  Why?  It helps us create the best hair color, cut and style for you as an individual.

Cheap Barber Camberwell

A professional no-obligation consultation is the first stage to creating the perfect hairstyle and hair cut for you. This relaxed informal chat will enable you to get to know us as much as we will get to know you and offer our professional advice when it comes to your new hairstyle.  We discuss every stage of your new hair cut and style with you to achieve the best hair cut possible. 

The man behind the brand is Hayder Naji himself, a guy who discovered his passion for barbering and just went for it. Not seeing the value in staying on in school when he clearly knew what he wanted to do, he was offered an apprenticeship and grabbed the opportunity. And now you can see the results of his self-belief and hardworking ethics — two barbershops and third on the way, a team of talented barbers and a name that is beginning to become synonymous with style and swag. Add to that, he has inspired loyalty in customers that is rarely seen today.

Great Hair Cuts at Affordable Prices

Creating a professional, and stylish hair cut requires technical skills and observational skills.  At Cheap Barber Camberwell, our consultation process allows us to observe your face shape, assess the balance of your facial features and suggest a hair cut and style that will complement and enhance your natural look.

All stylists at The Man Cave Barber are highly skilled and trained to use many tools that will enable a fantastic, professional precision hair cut.  Hair density, texture and the direction that the hair grows all vary between the crown, fringe, neck, and sides of the hair.  This means many stylists will use some or possibly all of the above techniques when creating the perfect hair cut.

We offer the best competitive prices and service many different demographics, including:

  • Men
  • Athletes and Celebrities
  • Senior Citizens
  • Pensioners
  • University Students
  • High School Students
  • Primary School Students
  • Under School-Age Children

Haircut Ideas at The Man Cave Barber

It’s not just about haircuts – it’s putting the idea of a better cut in a client’s head – and then on their head. The Man Cave delivers this psychology with a professional staff, industry knowledge, creative products, and a cool comfortable environment.

Whether you’re after a contemporary look or something stylish from days gone by, our trained and highly talented barbers will help you achieve the look you’re going for. We know there’s nothing worse than getting a haircut that looks nothing like the one you asked for. That’s why we take the time to pay attention to what you want and deliver the best possible results.

We’ll always go out of our way to meet your needs. Ask any staff member, and expect immediate service. We also use high-quality products that are available for purchase in-store.

Just sit back and relax with a complimentary boutique delicious espresso, while we spruce up your individual style.

Options include:

  • Beard maintenance to keep your inner grizzly in check
  • Hairstyling and care to create and maintain your unique look
  • Traditional shaving that leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed
  • Facial hair sculpting and shaping that brings out the handsome in you
  • Waxing to keep you looking fresh and feeling smooth

We only work with the best products. So come in for a quick tidy up, an indulgent grooming session or a complete style reboot.

We’re here to make you look damn good.

At Cheap Barber Camberwell, we give the traditional barbershop services a modern makeover. Book an appointment and experience our premium services today.
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