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Located in about 9 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, Gents Barbershop Melbourne has a huge focus on catering to your lifestyle. Whether you are a suit-and-tie professional or a tech guru for Google, we have a barber or stylist for you.

Gents Barbershop Melbourne
We don’t just live in the moment – we’re here for the long run. Ultimately, we are here to build up a positive influence in Melbourne.

We take pride in our craft and offer high-quality services.

From unique hairstyles & clipper fades to hot towels and straight razors.

  1. ADULT HAIR CUT – Clippers and/or Shears. Razor edge finish.
  2. FULL SERVICE – Hair cut & Hot towel shave.
  3. YOUNG ADULTS – Clippers and/or shears.
  4. DESIGNS – Lines to illustrations
  5. LINE-UPS – Maintenance cut
  6. BRAIDS – singles, box braids. Anything you desire.
  7. HAIR COLOR – women & men. Head or beard dye
  8. DREADS – faux locks or lock em in.
  9. PERMS – straight(relaxer) or curly

Premium Cutz Barbershop

Gents Cave Barber was founded with the intent of establishing an authentic Gents Barbershop Melbourne. There are many businesses dedicated exclusively to women, but there are very few businesses tailored completely to MEN. The barbershop happens to be one of those institutions, and it has a longstanding history in Australia. There is something special about the smooth feel of a straight razor shave, the invigorating smell of talc, the steady hum of hair clippers, the spicy scent of bay rum aftershave, and the welcome topics of male conversation that you just can’t find anywhere else. At Gents Cave Barber, we’re bringing men back to the barbershop by renewing these traditions of barbering.

Gents Cave Barber is a hybrid salon and barbershop located in Camberwell founded by quality craftsmanship and upheld by skilled artistry. This collective of licensed barbers and stylists are craftspeople with trained and practiced expertise in everything from clipper and scissor cuts, beard trims to straight razor shaves.

If you’re in Melbourne for a men barber, perhaps a head massage and a cut-throat shave to boot, you can’t go wrong with our tried-and-tested array of Melbourne based barbers.

You’ll be scheduled with the next available appointment.   See you soon!

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