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Professional Barbershop Shave

Bringing back that old fashioned barbershop experience for Victoria men of all ages!

With an idea based on bringing back that old fashioned barber shop experience and a hope that men of all ages would enjoy a haircut by Barbers focused on cutting only men’s hair, The Gents Cave Barbers are in business.

Gents Cave Barber 2020 Guide

Today, with two locations, North Balwyn barbershop & Camberwell barbershop. over 20 barbers and cutting the hair of over 4,000 customers a month, the company has proven that men do enjoy the unique experience of a traditional barbershop.

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

Someone is irritated after shaving, other does not shave off all the stubble or regularly gets cuts on his face after shaving. There are many consequences of low-quality shaving, and all of them are caused by the incorrect organization of the process. Our Gents Cave Barber 2020 Guide will enlighten this situation.

  • Haircut
  • Wash & Cut
  • Head Shave
  • Traditional Shave
  • Bear Trim with Shave
  • Royal Shave
  • Haircut & Shave
  • Back Buzz
  • Neck Clean Up
  • Men’s Hair Color

Gents Cave Barber 2020 Guide for Getting a Great Haircut

Gents Cave Barber team shares their expert advice for creating your own style – and how to keep it looking great.

A haircut is one of the best ways for a Victorian to create a personal style, whether you’re a student at Deakin university looking for affordable barber, a doctor at Box Hill hospital looking for professional haircut, or enjoying retirement. So, once you’ve chosen a barber that fit your sense of style and budget, it’s time to decide what you want. When you take the time to do this, you’ll be happier with the way you look and be more confident about everything you do.

Here is Gents Cave Barber 2020 Guide for getting an awesome haircut every time:

  1. Ask uncle Google. If you’re like many guys in Melbourne, you want to have style. So, before you go for your haircut, look online for some pictures of haircuts you like. Sites like HairCutInspiration can help—and they even group hairstyles by Australian celebrities. If you want that Hugh Jackman, Christopher Hemsworth or Isreal Folau look, they’ve got it. But remember—the style has to fit your hair type and head shape to work for YOU.
  • Consider your barber’s advice. Let your expert barber weigh in on what works best for you. He’ll think about the amount and type of hair you have and the shape of your face and head and how to match your facial features with haircut styles.
  • Decide on a regular schedule. Once you’ve chosen a style, you want it to look good all the time. Though most guys using barbers go every five to six weeks, it’s a personal choice. Some go two weeks or every three weeks. Others maybe every four weeks. But the more you go, the more styled you’ll look all the time.
  •  Try different barbers at the shop. Many barber shops operate with the understanding that customers can switch among barbers, depending on their availability. Don’t feel bad about it, as they are still getting your business. In most cases, a great shop is going to have a team with equal talent and expertise.
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