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This family-owned & operated business comprises of two bros and two cuzzies who took their natural ability for cutting each other’s hair and crafted it into the perfected skill that they each possess today.

Men Haircut Ashwood

This Men Haircut Ashwood stands out from the rest because there are professionally trained and state licensed master barbers always on duty.

Always remaining a step ahead of the rest, continuing education is always pursued. Attending yearly hair-shows and seminars such as the Hair Expo Australia; new techniques and equipment can always be found at Gent Cave Barber. Men Haircut Ashwood customers can rest assured that they are receiving way more than a haircut, it can also be thought of as consultation from knowledgeable hair stylists.

As fast-growing barbershops in Melbourne is dedicated to being the best barbershop in Camberwell and to provide our customers with outstanding service, no demographic is left out at frank and sons, we specialize in all senior’s, men’s, children’s haircuts, and all hair textures.  We invite you to come experience excellent service and haircuts to perfection.

At Men Haircut Ashwood our services are priced according to several factors: Experience, Years At The Cave, and Demand.  Because of this, we adopted a tiered pricing structure which is more common in salons.  Pricing for services increases depending on those criteria for each barber

Services for an apprentice at the Gents Cave Barber will always come at a significant discount as they hone in on their skills and master their craft. And one of our master barbers will always be standing by to help answer questions and guide them for the ultimate results!

Our Burwood Haircut Salon shop only accepts CASH or EFTPOS, just as a heads up. If you should have any questions about pricing feel free to call our shop or stop in.

Traditional Men Grooming Service

Here at Gents Cave Barber, we offer traditional expert barbering services, tailored specifically to the client’s hair, skin, and style type. Every cut is finished with a hot lather, clean up on the side and back of the neck. We believe a quality haircut not only is about making you look and feel good, it’s about giving our customers the full experience of the traditional barbershop.  We pride ourselves in our shop, culture, and rapport with our Men Haircut Ashwood clients.

Old School Men Haircut Ashwood

Visiting a barbershop that exudes that feeling of the early 19th Century should be on the list of all men. Ask people to describe what this looks like and you’ll probably hear something about an old fashioned Victorian rugby team and or listen to a description of a scene from an old Australian legend.  Gents Cave Barber’s version of the old school barbershop offers a modern twist on the classic. We will make you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time just by getting groomed and sitting in an old barber chair.

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