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Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyles at MCB Salons in Camberwell, Melbourne

Looking for The Best Men’s Hair Salon Camberwell East Melbourne?

The Gents Cave Barber in Camberwell is a hairdressing salon that prides itself on its contemporary and classic gentlemen barbering.

We specialize in making Victorian men love their hair. We also provide a full range of classic beauty treatments at our Melbourne men’s barber shop.

Our reputation has been built on the passion for what we do and our love of working with Camberwell customers.

Men’s Hair Salon Camberwell provides complete hair services including…

  • Men’s Haircuts
  • Children’s Haircuts
  • Student’s Haircuts
  • Hair Colour Services – including Foils, Highlights, Ombre, Dip Dye
  • Special Occasion Hair Styling – Ball, Weddings, etc
  • Perms

Our stylists will consider your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle when talking with you – the importance of face shape can’t be overlooked and should be one of the main influences when selecting your style. Find out what type of face shape you have below…

Australian Men’s Face Shapes

Mens Hair Salon Camberwell


  1. Round: Round faces tend to be hard to choose hairstyles for – they tend to lack strong features and so you do not want hair that will detract too strongly from your face. Try to avoid hair coming onto the face as this will only make it look rounder.
  2. Oval: If you have an oval-shaped face then lucky you! Oval faces suit nearly all hairstyles because of their proportions and symmetry. Avoid full-length fringes as they can make your oval face look round.
  3. Heart: A longer hairstyle will balance a heart-shaped face. If you would like a shorter style then we would recommend perhaps growing some facial hair even the face.
  4. Oblong: This face shape suits the vast majority of styles, however, there are some ‘no-nos’. Try to avoid short hair on the sides or swept-back hair on top as this will make your face look long.
  5. Square: Traditionally perceived as strong rugged face shape. Softer styles are best to balance square faces and again, full-length heavy fringes are not recommended.

Men’s Hair Salon Camberwell and Nearby suburbs

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Here at Men’s Hair Salon Camberwell, we’re focused on offering you a ‘total experience’, not just a haircut. Our atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with staff on hand to meet your every need. Whether it’s your first time visiting us or you are a returning customer, you will always be given a personalized hair service.

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